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Your homes play an important role in the storybook of our lives, so shouldn't they be treated like a main character? The Vikki Wade Team’s newly redesigned VikkiWade.com does just that. Connecting buyers and sellers like never before, the new Vikki Wade Team’s Digital Platform makes the home buying and selling process human again.

When the torch is passed from buyer to seller, the story of the home continues on. The tulip bulbs buried along the driveway will bloom again next year. The height chart notched in the back of a closet may grow with the next family. And the magnificent backyard view will be enjoyed over many more cups of morning coffee. Because we know that every home has a story.

So, whether you’re just starting your home buying search, or are ready to move to your next, the Vikki Wade Team makes the process memorable.

Finding a home just became the social event of a lifetime with all of this information centralized in one digital platform The new Vikki Wade Team website allows you to easily search any Properties For Sale throughout Michigan’s Great Southwest under the Property Search Link above, or just click here: ENTIRE MLS SEARCH

This is Where Home Begins. 

This is Where Naps Are Always Encouraged. This is Home.

Here’s wishing you an afternoon nap at home where you sleep, well, like a baby.

There are few things more awesome than a mid-afternoon nap. Visions of new parents curled up with sweet smelling babes, Dads sprawled out on the couch snoozing through half-time, or this adorable baby crashing hard mid-bounce make us all yearn to head home to catch a few Z’s.

Our days are busy – filled with meetings, after-school activities, family meals and laundry. So, when we have the opportunity to catch up on a few sweet minutes of shut eye, it can feel like stealing a precious moment for ourselves.

Sure, we can nap on the bus commute home or in between soccer practice and piano recitals. But, there’s nothing quite like a little snooze at home.

This spot, which we call “Sleeping Baby” captures one of those moments that only happens at home. Part of the Coldwell Banker 2016 advertising campaign, “This is Home. This is Where Awesomeness Happens.” this commercial makes us laugh, but more importantly makes us want to rush home, curl up with our loved ones and take a little snooze.

So, here’s wishing you an afternoon nap at home where you sleep, well, like a baby.

There are millions of these moments of awesomeness that happen in our homes everyday. Catch all of the awesomeness here. And share your favorites on social media using #HomeIsAwesomeness. We’d love to see!